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Wonder Momo Anime ENG-Sub

Anime Genre, ,
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Anime Erscheinungsjahr
Staffel des Anime StreamStaffel 1
Länge pro Anime-Folge7 Minuten
Anzahl der Episoden5
Austrahlungstermin Japan06.02.2014 ‑ 06.03.2014
Trailer/Opening Video

Beschreibung des Anime

Momoko is an aspiring idol whose plans for happiness and fame are derailed when she becomes the new owner of a mysterious powersuit. Not long after, evil creatures begin to invade Japan and Momoko is forced to put her gift (and its considerable powers) to use in order to fight the invaders off, from Akihabara to Odaiba. How’s a girl supposed to reach superstardom with all this butt-kicking to do?

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